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January/February 2021 Volume XXXV, Issue 1


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President's Message

Chapter President, Nancy Eklund, AICP

It’s hard to know what to say about what happened at our nation’s Capitol on January 6th, and you’ve heard it all by now. We have a lot of work before us as a nation, as a profession, and as individuals to help our country heal the divisions between us.

Fortunately, planners are optimistic people who believe that if you can anticipate and recognize change and its impacts, prepare for it, and involve the community in determining how to approach the future, you are in the best position to ensure that there will be a “win-win” outcome for all. Hammering out how we can all benefit by embracing change and working together is our forte.

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AICP Training

Leonard Bauer, FAICP; Karen Wolf, FAICP

The chapter is hoping to offer its annual Exam Prep class – virtually – on a Saturday in March 2021. Details are not yet defined. If you are interested in taking the class, and you have already applied to take the exam, you will be notified of the details. If you have not yet applied, please follow the AICP page of the Chapter website where more information will be posted, or contact Wayne Carlson, FAICP.

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January 2021 - The Session Begins

Legislative Committee Winter Update

The 2021 legislative session began on January 11 under a cloud of surging coronavirus, communities and individuals struggling to stay afloat, and a distressing amount of division and political strife. This was a difficult way to start a daunting session, which will see the need for urgent action on major issues collide with reduced capacity to legislate due to a largely-closed capitol building.

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Planning Officials Development Committee: Web Changes and Survey Work

Dee Caputo, FAICP

The newly-renovated Planning Officials Development Committee (PODC) invites you to help us help you!

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Washington Chapter Scholarships Awarded

Wells Williams, AICP, and Kirk Rappe, AICP, Chapter Scholarship Co-Chairs

2020 Washington APA scholarships awarded to Eastern Washington University and University of Washington students.

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Successful APA CPAT Project at the Quinault Indian Nation

Michael Cardwell, AICP, Tribal Planning Committee Chair

BAPA’s CPAT program assisted the Quinault Indian Nation in engaging community members to assess the potential of Point Haynisisoos. The project’s final report is now available. Learn more about why this cultural site is important.

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Tribal Planning Committee Support for Tribal Inclusion Within the Updating Washington’s Growth Planning Framework Project

Michael Cardwell, AICP, Tribal Planning Committee Chair

Learn more about the proposed inclusion of Tribal Governments in the GMA

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WA-APA Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee: Equity in Planning in 2021 and Beyond

Maren Murphy, Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee Chair

Building on APA’s commitment to righting the wrongs fo racial inequality, the Washington Chapter of the APA will re-engage the WA-APA Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDI Committee).

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Youth In Planning Committee Update

Gwen Rousseau, AICP, Steve Butler, FAICP, and Stephanie Velasco - Youth in Planning Committee Co-Chairs

An Amendment to the APA-WA Chapter Bylaws Has Been Proposed to make the Youth in Planning Ad-Hoc Committee a Standing Committee

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Southwest Section Update

Planner Spotlight on SW Section member Mike Beck

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Bicycle Friendly Communities in the Northwest Section

Chris Comeau, AICP-CTP, Transportation Planner, Bellingham Public Works

Northwest Section Cities Receive High Marks for Bicycle Planning

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APA News from Western Washington University’s Planning Program

Nicholas C. Zaferatos, Ph.D., AICP, Professor, Urban Planning and Sustainable Development, Director UPSD Program, Western Washington University

Congrats to the WWU BA program in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development for its continued accreditation by the Planning Accreditation Board.

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Update from the University of Washington MUP Program

Samara Ressler – University of Washington Student Rep

The Winter quarter is off to a busy and exciting start. Learn more about the US MUP Program.

APA Weighs in on Transportation Post-COVID

Michael Hintze, AICP and Patrick Lynch, AICP, Chapter Transportation Planning Division Liaisons

The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) has been hosting a year-long series on the future of transportation post COVID-19.

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