Planning Officials Committee

Planning Commissioners help create and implement the community vision through projects, development, programs...and plans. To support them, the chapter's Planning Officials Development Committee facilitates their participation, along with elected officials, in the Chapter.  The Committee does this by promoting the value of planning to elected officials, commissions, and the broader community and it serves as a resource for members seeking timely and educational material on various planning topics.

Planning Commission Quarterly

In 2014, the PODO Committee began releasing a quarterly journal for Planning Commissioners. The purpose is to provide Commissioners with timely and useful information - such as national Commissioner focused publications, training events including the Planning Short Course, networking opportunities, and other targeted resources — that will help Commissioners anticipate and plan for tomorrow.  

Volunteers Welcome!

The success of the committee and Planning Commissioners Quarterly depends on volunteers, like you. Contact the office if you are interested in participating in the committee or providing content for the Quarterly.