Planning Officials Development Committee: Web Changes and Survey Work

The newly-renovated Planning Officials Development Committee (PODC) invites you to help us help you! 

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Here are the Details:

Recently, we uploaded new, planning-related content on APA Washington Chapter’s website for planning officials. The mission of the Planning Officials Development Committee is to inform and support appointed and elected planning officials in accomplishing effective local planning throughout Washington State by providing access to relevant resources via the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association. Our first step consisted of developing a composite of existing planning materials to share by links on the Web. We know we couldn’t capture everything - planning acts as a vast umbrella covering diverse and sprawling topics to explore. We ask that you visit the revised webpage and then help us identify what we call our information gaps by taking the survey.   

The PODC is sent out this short survey in January to planning officials within local jurisdictions and Tribal entities to promote broad participation. We need to know what’s important that we missed - this is a collaborative effort to help meet local planning needs. We hope you’ll share the survey link with others to expand our audience of recipients. Contact us by email if you have questions or comments. By late February, we anticipate receiving and analyzing responses. Afterwards, we’ll share future findings by posting them on the Net. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this matter.