AICP Candidate Program 

Students and graduates of PAB accredited programs can now enroll in the AICP Candidate Pilot Program and take the AICP exam prior to earning the full number of years of professional planning experience. See this for more information


Upcoming AICP Exam Application Deadlines 

NOTE: If you are considering applying for the upcoming exam, it is strongly recommended that you review the resources provided by APA regarding what they expect to see in an application. Please take the time to review the application Tips and the Application Reviewer Sheet. If possible, submit your application by the Early Bird deadline. If APA finds your application deficient, you can then modify it using the comment they provide and resubmit it within the same testing cycle. Be sure to allow sufficient time for required documentation (employment verification, transcripts, etc.) to be received by APA by the deadline. 

November 2019  
Final Application Deadline June 27, 2019, 5:00 p.m. CT
Registration and Transfer Deadline October 31, 2019, 5:00 p.m. CT
Testing Window November 4−18, 2019


Preparing for the Exam

Study Manuals are Available

The APA Chapter Presidents' Council (CPC) Study Manual for the AICP Examination (flash drive) is available through the APA Washington office.  They can be purchased using the Online Order Form for $15 +$3 shipping.

Purchase the Manual Now

AICP Exam Study Resources

Test takers should focus on being familiar with the topics outlined in the exam subject matter summary. In addition, AICP provides some information on exam preparation that shouldn't be overlooked, including lists of recommended readings and a simulation of the computerized testing. 

Here are some other resources:

Also, look at other chapters' websites for good study information. 

Advanced Specialty Certification (ASC)

As of May 2018, the Advanced Specialty Certification exam program has been eliminated.  

AICP Exam Cost Reimbursement Under GI Bill

Since 2001, military veterans (and their surviving dependents) can ask the Veterans Administration to reimburse the AICP exam fee.  Read additional information on the GI Bill Education Benefits Program, or send an e-mail to [email protected].

Certification Maintenance (CM)

All AICP planners must participate in mandatory continuing education to maintain their certification.  AICP members must earn a total of 32 CM credit-hours (including 1.5 CMs for both Planning Law and Planning Ethics training) within their two-year reporting period. If not all credits are logged within that period, members may log their credits during the grace period ending on April 30.   

Credits may be earned from a variety of eligible activities, including:

·        Attending an activity from a registered CM provider (e.g., workshops, lectures, online courses, etc.)

·        By speaking/instructing at an activity that is registered for CM credit

·        By self-reporting attendance or speaking / instructing at an activity that is not registered for CM credit by the provider but meets CM criteria and is approved by APA staff.

·        By authoring an article that meets AICP criteria

·        By participating in qualifying volunteer activities (see link for details)

Click these links to learn more about CM program basics, criteria required for CM training and how to become a registered provider.  For Sections and Chapter CM requests, contact the Chapter Professional Development Officer.

For information on upcoming CM activities, see the APA Washington Events and training Calendar and the CM search page on the APA Website

Learn how to claim and record log your CM credits.

AICP/CM Questions?

Please contact Chapter Professional Development Officer, Nancy Eklund, AICP, with any questions.