Growth Management Act

The Washington Legislature enacted the Growth Management Act (GMA) in 1990 to guide planning for growth and development in Washington State. GMA requires local governments in fast-growing and densely populated counties to develop and adopt comprehensive plans. 

Growth Management Hearings Board

GMA created Growth Management Hearings Boards to resolve land use disputes. Visit the State of Washington’s Growth Management Hearings Board website to learn more.   

Department of Commerce Growth Management Services

Growth Management Services assists and guides local governments, state agencies, and others to manage growth and development consistent with the Growth Management Act. 

GMA Conversation Starters

To support the comprehensive plan update process, the Association of Washington Cities has released a series of videos covering everything from planning roles and responsibilities, budget and economic development, to implementation and community engagement.

Growth Management Information Brochure

This brochure answers many Growth Management related questions that planners are asked every day.

Origins of GMA

Let's take a look back to 1989 and the Origins of GMA