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Planners' Forums Schedules and Agendas

The Northwest Section Board of Directors works with the Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association Washington, the Planning Association of Washington, and the Washington State Department of Commerce to organize and host quarterly Planners' Forums for anyone interested.

The quarterly Planner's Forums offer a unique opportunity for planners, planning commissioners, elected officials, nonprofits and other organizations to talk informally about local issues, to share ideas, and to receive updates from state and federal agencies whose work may create impacts to local planning efforts.

The Planner's Forums offer professional development and presentations provided by professionals on a variety of planning subjects, many of which qualify for "Certification Maintenance (CM)" credits through the American Institute of Certified Planners for AICP credentialed planners and advanced certificate (Environmental, Transportation, and Community Design) planners (CEP, CTP, CED). These presentations are posted to the Department of Commerce website after each quarterly forum.

Registration is not necessary for this daytime training and lunch is provided. While there is no charge for attendance, voluntary contributions of $7.00 to $8.00 are encouraged to help offset the cost of the catered lunch.

The Board of Directors tries to alternate the location of the quarterly forum between the northern and southern ends of the diverse Northwest Section geography and tries to post the location and agenda well in advance of each quarterly forum, as well as emailing this information to APA members on the email list.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Northwest Section leadership or organization, please contact the individuals listed below and look at some of the other resources available here on the Northwest Section web page.


Northwest Section President: Chris Comeau, AICP-CTP (360) 778-7946

Department of Commerce Liaison: Valerie Smith, AICP,, (360) 725-3062