Equity Policy Guide & Call for Delegates

If you haven't yet checked out the series of policy guides that APA has developed over the years, we highly recommend doing so. Policy guides provide APA’s positions on matters of principle to inform planning advocates and also offer best practices and inspiration for practicing planners to use in their work. The policy guides are initiated by APA leadership, developed by a team of subject matter experts, workshopped in several venues including at conferences, shared for review and comment by APA membership, and ultimately considered by an assembly of delegates from each chapter and formally adopted by the APA Board of Directors.

This year, APA is working on a policy guide on Advancing Equitable Zoning Reform, and a draft is now available for review and comment. Please contact Don Elliott ([email protected]) to submit your questions, comments, and other feedback. Please submit any comments by June 23, 2022.

On a related note, the Washington Chapter has an opening for one of our delegates to the national assembly that will provide a final review, debate, amendments, and hopefully approval of the new policy guidelines. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please contact the legislative committee at [email protected].


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