Congratulations to WA’s 3 New FAICP Inductees

From left to right: Linda Amato (2022), Paul Inghram (2020) Michael Cardwell (2022) & Chris Comeau (2022) Not pictured: Dee Caputo (2020)

On behalf of the WA FAICP Nominations Committee, we are thrilled to announce that Linda Amato, Michael Cardwell, and Chris Comeau were inducted as Fellows of the Institute of Certified Planners at the National Planning Conference in San Diego on May 1, 2022.  Our three Washington planners were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the profession over the course of their careers.  Michael Cardwell, FAICP, was chosen to speak on behalf of FAICP Class of 2022

Linda Amato, FAICP

Linda Amato, FAICP, has served as a leader in changing how technical planning information is presented to the public, legislators, and stakeholders in unparalleled. Her techniques have been adopted by State and local agencies throughout the United States and have led to a more engaged public and increased transparency. As a professional dedicated to making the planning and public processes work better, her skills as a facilitator have shaped some of the largest infrastructure projects in the United States. She is also a community leader, having served on the Seattle Planning Commission and other City committees. She currently serves on the APA Board of Directors. 

Michael Cardwell, FAICP

Michael Cardwell, FAICP, is believed to be the first Native American planner elected to the College of Fellows! He has made an important and enduring difference in planning practice, both in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide.  He has accomplished much as APA Washington’s Tribal Planning Committee Chair since 2007.  Michael has made planning more inclusive, equitable, and effective while achieving tangible results for both tribal and non-tribal communities.  An APA Fellowship in 1988-1989 allowed Michael Cardwell to become the first Native American to graduate with the dual MPA/MURP degrees from Eastern Washington University. Remembering the importance of that scholarship, he has consistently raised student scholarship funds over many years to empower the next generation of planners.

Chris Comeau, FAICP

Chris Comeau, FAICP, is a transportation planner whose leadership has transformed the integration of multimodal transportation and land use planning at the local, state, and national levels.  His work focuses on improving mobility for people rather than cars, has been featured in state and national planning forums and publications for many years, and has been a model and inspiration to other planners across North America. Over the past 20 years, Chris’ ability to bridge the gap between planning and engineering has resulted in human-scale multimodal transportation improvements, which have resulted in increased safety for the traveling public in Bellingham, Washington.  Chris has been a dedicated member of APA since 2000 and has served the organization in many capacities, including as Secretary of APA WA and President of the Northwest Section.

The Washington APA FAICP Nominations Committee Co-chairs,

Leonard Bauer, FAICP, and Karen Wolf, FAICP

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