Awards to Individuals

Each year, the chapter presents awards to individual planners and officials that have made significant contributions to the chapter and/or profession.

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Chapter President's Awards to Individuals

Robert “Bob” Burke Award for Distinguished Service to the Chapter (formerly the President’s Award):

The Robert “Bob” Burke Award is given by the Chapter President to recognize distinguished service to the APA Washington Chapter. Recent recipients of the award include:

  • 2023: Gwen Rousseau, Stephanie Velasco and Steve Butler
  • 2022: Dee Caputo
  • 2019: Yorik Stevens-Wajda, AICP
  • 2018: Paula Reeves, AICP
  • 2017: no award given
  • 2016: Ivan Miller, AICP
  • 2015: Laura Hudson
  • 2014: Ferdouse Oneza, AICP
  • Susan Winchell, AICP (inaugural year with new award name)
  • Stephen Butler, FAICP
  • Chad Eiken
  • Richard Hart
  • Jill Sterrett, FAICP
  • Esther Larsen
  • Nancy Eklund
  • Joe Tovar, FAICP
  • Michael Kattermann and Michael Ryherd
  • Mike McCormick, FAICP
  • Lisa Verner
  • Steve Lewis
  • Michael Davolio
  • Robin McClelland, FAICP (inaugural year)

Myer Wolfe Award for Professional Achievement

The Myer R. “Mike” Wolfe Award is by the Chapter President to recognize professional achievement and advancement of the planning profession. Recent recipients include:

  • 2023: Dave Andersen
  • 2019: Prof. Nicholas Zaferatos
  • 2018: Prof. Dick Winchell
  • 2017: no award given
  • 2016: Anne Vernez Moudon
  • 2015: John Owen
  • 2014: Jill Brown Sterrett, FAICP
  • Leonard Bauer, AICP
  • Prof. Dennis Ryan, Ph.D.
  • Fred Hurand, FAICP
  • Kristian Kofoed
  • Dave Andersen
  • Rocky Piro, FAICP
  • Steve Davenport
  • Dick Winchell
  • Nancy Ousley
  • Joe Tovar, FAICP
  • Mary Lynne Evans
  • Dick Anderwald
  • Michael McCormick

Barbara Grace Award:

Since 2004, the Barbara Grace Award has been given by the Chapter President to recognize a mid-level planner who has distinguished her or himself with dedication to public service and professional accomplishment. These are the front-line, unsung planners in our agencies and firms who help “Make Great Communities Happen” and represent the future leadership of our profession. 

Recent recipients include:

  • 2023: Nikole Coleman
  • 2022: Ashley Winchell
  • 2019: Angela San Filippo
  • 2018: Tami Palmquist
  • 2017: no award given
  • 2016: Gwen Rousseau
  • 2015: Samra Seymour, AICP and Sarah Schelling, AICP
  • 2014: Robin Proebstring
  • no award given
  • Salina Lyons
  • Jennifer Kester
  • Elizabeth Chamberlain
  • 2009: Gary Davis
  • Todd Stowell
  • Owen Dennison
  • Joyce Phillips
  • Karen Wolf
  • Rebecca Perkins

Legislator of the Year:

Selected by the Chapter’s Legislative Committee, our Legislator of the Year is honored for his/her support of planning, GMA and/or Chapter-sponsored legislation. Recent recipients include:

  • 2023: Rep. Jessica Bateman and Andrew Barkis
  • 2022: Sen. Liz Lovelett
  • 2019: Gov. Jay Inslee
  • 2018: Rep. Jake Fey
  • 2017: no award given
  • 2016: Rep. Sherry Appleton
  • no award given
  • Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon
  • Rep. Larry Springer
  • Rep. Sharon Nelson
  • Rep. Scott White
  • Sen. Chris Marr
  • Sen. Adam Kline and Rep. Fred Jarrett
  • no award given
  • Sen. Jim Kastama and Rep. Geoff Simpson

Eric R. Shields Leadership Award

This award was first given in 2019 at the Chapter conference to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to their community, organization, or the profession by virtue of their leadership.

  • 2023: Steve Toy
  • 2019: John Owen

Planning Advocate Award:

The Planning Advocate Award was first awarded in 2011. This special award recognizes public figures or planners who have advocated for a wide range of planning issues and who have initiated actions that made a significant difference benefiting Washington State.

  • Michael Cardwell
  • no award given
  • Congressman Jay Inslee

Planning Achievement Award:

First offered in 2011, the Planning Achievement Award recognizes elected and appointed public officials who have contributed to the awareness of planning issues and who have made a significant difference in the practice of planning at a local, state, or federal level.

  • Ronald G. Sims, Jr.