Fall 2022 Conference a Success!

Thank you to everyone who attended

While final numbers are still being tallied, it is already clear that the Fall Conference in Vancouver was a success financially and in terms of attendance. We estimate that nearly 400 people registered for the conference, which exceeded expectations for our first in-person conference in a few years. We met our sponsorship goal (thank you sponsors!), and registration goal, and stayed under budget. Additionally, the auction benefitted the planning student scholarship fund raised over $6,000. Even the extended summer-like weather held out for us. Highlights of the conference included: 1) reconnecting with friends and colleagues in person; 2) being inspired by two incredible keynote speakers from APA National; 3) loads of high-quality breakout sessions and mobile workshops; and 4) exploring Vancouver’s redeveloping waterfront area. Thank you to the conference committee and our sponsors for putting on a fun and informative conference. We’ll be able to share more information on the conference's financials and survey results in next month’s newsletter.

Chad Eiken, AICP
2022 Conference Chair