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Volume LVIII, Issue 22

February 9, 2024

A Conversation with Mian Rice

By Riya Debnath

In a candid and insightful conversation, we sit down with Mian Rice, Director of Diversity in Contracting at the Port of Seattle. With a career as rich and diversified as the very principles he champions, Mian's story is not just a professional narrative, but a testament to the power of strategic leadership and unwavering commitment to inclusivity. In our conversation, Mian unfolds the chapters of his life, from his foundational years in Seattle to the strategic roles he embraced, influencing pivotal projects and policies that shape the cityscape as we know it. 

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Washington By and By

Breaking news about Washington, By and By, the planning-related graphic novel set in Washington state! First, Washington, By and Byhas been translated into Spanish and Traditional Chinese. Online and printable versions are available via the following link: Washington By and By (

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Seeking Interested Leaders

Leadership Positions Open on APA WA Board

The APA WA Board has several vacancies and is currently seeking interested persons who are willing to serve in the following appointed leadership positions: Chair, Continuing Education Committee; Chair, Membership Committee; and the Chapter’s Planning Official Development Officer.   

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Planning Tools for Transforming Suburban Communities Lessons Learned in the Puget Sound Area

Free Webinar | Tuesday, February 13

Free Webinar Feb. 13th!  "Planning Tools for Transforming Suburban Communities: Lessons Learned in the Puget Sound Area" Start off the year strong with a free CM credit! Planners from three Puget Sound cities will share lessons learned from mixed-use developments in various stages of the process.   

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Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunity

We invite you to become an Annual Sponsor for APA WA! Partnering with APA WA offers benefits such as conference perks and year-round promotions. Sponsorship includes opportunities for the 2024 APA WA Annual Conference, with benefits like recognition on the website homepage, in the Chapter Newsletter, access to the attendee roster, and complimentary registration to the conference. Further details about sponsorship options are available in the 2024 APA WA Sponsorship Prospectus, where you can compare and select the most suitable level of sponsorship. Sign up today!

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                                    Trivia Question

Which African American architect left a lasting legacy in Seattle, Washington, through his innovative designs and significant contributions to the city's architectural landscape, including the design of the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute?   

A. Benjamin McAdoo Jr.  
B. Robert R. Taylor 
C. Paul Revere Williams 
D. Vertner Woodson Tandy 


The answer to last issue's trivia question: D. The establishment of the first Public Parklet program Seattle was one of the first cities to introduce the concept of public parklets – transforming small sections of streets into public spaces with seating, greenery, and art. This concept, initiated in Seattle, has been adopted by many cities globally, representing an innovative approach to urban space utilization and community engagement in urban planning. These parklets offer social gathering spots, enhance the pedestrian experience, and contribute to the beautification of urban areas.  

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