Sustainable Urban Mobility 2016

Faculty from the University of Washington Department of Urban Design and Planning are offering a new course called “Sustainable Urban Mobility 2016.” From June 26 to August 22, faculty and students will travel to Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Denmark. The program has enrolled a total of 37 students, both undergraduates and graduates, from the UW, University of Oregon and Oregon State University in this eight week course.

The inter-disciplinary course will focus on “best practices” in sustainable urban mobility in both the public and private sectors in each of these three countries. The course curriculum includes engagement with faculty at University College London, The University of Manchester, Oxford University, The University of Groningen, and Aalborg University. In addition, students will visit projects highlighting public sector investment in public transit, along with private sector transit-oriented development.

The City of Seattle has been working with UW faculty and students enrolled in this course to craft a series of “problem statements” which will serve as the pedagogic focus of the course. In the fall, students will be reporting back to city staff with their findings.

Please see to learn more about the course.  

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