November/ December President’s Message 

Chapter President Rick Sepler reflects on the holiday season. 

Colleagues -

We are entering the holiday season a little differently this year in Bellingham.  I am looking out of my office window at haphazard rows of tents that house about 50 unsheltered members of our community. It serves as a clear reminder of the many challenges facing my town and likely your jurisdiction too. At times, these challenges may seem overwhelming and unsolvable.  I don't feel discouraged,however, largely due to the powerful resources that APA-WA’s members can bring to bear on these issues.  Your tremendous skill, dedication and energy is what will help make the difference for Washington now and into the future.

As planners we will continue to serve Washington through today's challenging environment just as we have positively navigated through difficult periods in the past. The commitment we have to community, the values we hold and your efforts will make a significant difference. I believe in our profession and am proud to have the opportunity to work with you all in the coming year.

The holidays often provide a time for reflection.  As you consider what you have accomplished in the past year, feel good about all you have done (and will do) for your community.  Additionally, please take time to focus on what is truly important, your family, friends and yourselves.

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a happy new year.

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