October 2014 Volume XXVII, Issue 10


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President's Message

Mobile Workshops (Spokane conference)

Barbara Grace Award Nominations

Scholarship Recipients 

Upcoming Training Events 

Disaster Planning

WSU - Barnyards and Birkenstocks 

WSU - Rethinking Rural America



October President's Message
Ivan reveals chapter membership trends, offers ways to celebrate National Cummunity Planning Month, and hopes to see everyone in Spokane for the state conference. 

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Conference mobile workshops explore Spokane area planning highlights
Draw inspiration for your own local efforts by signing up for educational tours during this month's annual conference. 

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2014 Barbara Grace Award accepting nominations
Nominate a mid-level planner to acknolwedge his or her great contributions to the planning industry.

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Chapter awards annual student scholarships
Learn more about this year's outstanding recipients from University of Washington and Eastern Washington University.

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Mark your calendar for fall forums and training events
The Washington State Department of Commerce, the Planning Assocation of Washington and APA Washington will host several regional Planner's Forums, as well as the Joint Advanced Short Course prior to the Spokane conference.

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Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery Planning group proposes full APA Division
If you're interested in creating safer communities and engaging in post-disaster recovery efforts, consider signing an online petition of support.

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Author has radical proposal for rural America
Barnyards and Birkenstocks makes the case that collaboration is the key to bringing together environmental and farming interests.

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New book explores challenges faced by Western small towns, offers guidence to community leaders
Rethinking Rural will make you rethink your small communities in the West can sustain themselves and even thrive in the 21st century.

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Elsewhere online...

Statements by the Leaders of British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington on the United Nations' 2014 Climate Summit.

Pacific Coast Collaborative (Sept. 22, 2014)

Last year, the leaders of British Columbia, California, Oregon, and Washington decided to collaborate to promote climate change policy on both the national and global level. As the Climate Leadership Summit at the UN is underway, the coastal leaders have each made a statement to stress how important it is to take action against climate change.

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