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Volume XXV, Issue 25

May 8, 2024

May 1, 2024

Things have been busy at the Chapter level in a number of areas: the Legislative Committee wrapped up the short legislative session with overall good results, the Conference Committee is hard at work making plans for another great conference this fall (in Bellevue), the Board recently made adjustments to the budget in order to close a sizable gap between expenses and revenue, and we continue to fill vacant leadership positions on the Board.     

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2024 Planning Awards Program

Sponsored by:
The Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association and 
the Planning Association of Washington

The Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA WA) and the Planning Association of Washington (PAW) are pleased to announce the 2024 Awards Program.

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                    Planning with Youth – In Action

Elizabeth Erickson, AICP, AIA, LEED AP ND  

Planning ahead means planning for our children’s futures. The City of Bellingham shares some tips and tricks we’ve learned by incorporating youth into our long-range planning efforts in an effort to help them plan their own futures. 

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                          APA WA 2023 Annual Report

View the APA WA 2023 Annual Report. Take a look at all of last year's accomplishments and the success that APA WA had last year.

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               Pictures From Around the Twin Cities

Check out these pictures from around the Twin Cities in Minneapolis. The city is known for its scenic views and vibrant murals. Its rich art scene and the abundance of murals add character to the city's streets and neighborhoods.  

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                                  Trivia Question

In May, we celebrate National Historic Preservation Month. Which urban renewal project in Washington State is notable for its innovative blend of historic preservation with modern urban development, transforming a historic area while maintaining its architectural integrity?  

A) The renovation of the Historic Flight Foundation in Mukilteo
B) The redevelopment of the Historic Tacoma Armory
C) The restoration of Pioneer Square in Seattle
D) The revitalization of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site



The answer to last issue's trivia question:

April is celebrated for Earth Day, highlighting environmental awareness and conservation efforts. Which urban project in Washington State exemplifies these values through its pioneering use of green technology and commitment to creating sustainable, energy-efficient urban spaces?   

A. The Living Building Challenge at the Bullitt Center, Seattle  
B. The Spokane Riverfront Park Eco-Restoration  
C. The Sustainable Tacoma Commission's Green Infrastructure Initiatives 
D. The Bellevue Smart City Program for Energy Efficiency 

A) The Living Building Challenge at the Bullitt Center, Seattle: The Bullitt Center in Seattle is globally recognized for meeting the rigorous standards of the Living Building Challenge, arguably the world’s most stringent benchmark for sustainable building. Opened in April 2013, this commercial building generates its own electricity, captures and treats all of its water on-site, and utilizes non-toxic building materials. It serves not only as an office space but also as a model for future urban development, demonstrating how buildings can contribute positively to the environment. This project aligns with the principles celebrated during Earth Day, emphasizing the importance of sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship in urban planning.  

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