Sustainable Washington

3.7 Project Example #2

Action: Educational Farm Tour
Who: WSU King County Extension
Where: Various counties throughout Washington
More Info:

Individual Enjoying the Harvest Celebration Farm Tour.

The Harvest Celebration Day is a project of the Washington State University’s Small Farm Team.  The annual event promotes local farms by bringing thousands of individuals and families to talk to farmers and walk their fields, enjoy family hay rides, run through corn mazes and eat produce fresh off the vine. This collaborative effort often involves the county WSU Extensions, conservation districts, community organizations and the local county governments.

In 2008, over 100 farms, ranches, shellfish farms, farmers markets, and food and farm businesses in twelve Western Washington counties welcomed 29,000 visitors to the various harvest celebration events—an increase of 20,000 people since the first regional celebration in 1999. Events and tours are held in September and October, a time of harvest in which people from both urban and rural areas can enjoy, and learn about, the benefits of local bounty.

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