Sustainable Washington

3.7 Project Example #1

Action: Food Policy Council
Where: Clark County and King County, WA
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Clark County Food System Council first formed from a 2006 community workshop coordinated by Community Choices/Steps to a Healthier Clark County. By 2008 the council had transitioned to an advisory council for the county’s Public Health Department. Consisting of a wide range of community members, the council mission is to “increase and preserve access to safe, local and healthy food for all residents of Clark County.” Examples of their work include conducting a community food assessment and working with decision makers to maintain the agricultural nature of 80 acres of land being sold by WSU Extension rather than convert it into a commercial area.

Also formed in 2006, the Seattle/King County Acting Food Policy Council provides another example of a local food policy council. Over the past few years, the AFPC has issued several white papers regarding food system issues, informed state and local legislation as well as the regional comprehensive plan, and provided a forum for food system discussion.  As a result of this work, discussions are underway with the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) to establish a regional food policy council to provide policy advice for the four-county region served by the PSRC.


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