Sustainable Washington

3.3 Project Example #3

Action: Community Energy Project
Where: Bainbridge Island and Ellensburg, WA
More Info:

Solar panels on Sakai Intermediate School in Bainbridge, WA

Community Energy Solutions, a non-profit on Bainbridge Island, recently installed a 5.1 kilowatt solar array on the Bainbridge Sakai Intermediate School. The project benefited from the Solar4RSchools program through Bonneville Power Administration, using community outreach to raise the additional $30,000 for the panels in less than 3 months. Another energy example is the community solar project in Ellensburg, Washington – a partnership with the City of Ellensburg and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. In 2006 the city installed a solar system supported through an innovative and unique financing approach—individuals and businesses making financial contributions are given direct credit on their electricity bills for the green power produced.

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