You May Have Missed This APA Update!

Support the APA Tribal & Indigenous

In honor of Native American Heritage Month, learn about tribal and indigenous planning issues by supporting our very own Tribal and Indigenous Planning Division. Join the recently re-established division today. 

The Tribal and Indigenous Planning Division's main mission is to promote awareness and action on Tribal and Indigenous planning issues for Tribal and Indigenous planners, peoples, nations, and their non-Tribal partners.

Their five main focus area goals are as follows:

  1. Communicate — Build a network of Tribal and Indigenous planners to share information, highlight opportunities, and showcase successful projects and planning efforts.
  2. Educate — Build capacity of tribal and non-Tribal planners to better understand issues and topics that are unique and important to Native nations and Indigenous communities.
  3. Empower — Support Tribal and Indigenous planners to become strong allies and advocates for planning in Tribal and Indigenous communities.
  4. Engage — Grow a larger group of Tribal and Indigenous planners and students.
  5. Uplift — Assist Tribal and Indigenous planners as well as other APA interest groups and divisions address challenging planning issues in their communities.

Join the Tribal and Indigenous Planning Divison