January 19, 2022
LEAD: Legislative Education, Advocacy & Direction
2022 Edition 2

APA Washington’s Legislative Committee: 
Influencing Public Policy through the 2022 Legislative Process

The Washington Legislature’s 68th Session is in its second week, and your Legislative Committee has been working hard to identify bills of interest, review them, and weigh in, when appropriate, via chapter lobbyist Michael Shaw signing in with APA Washington’s position during remote hearings; providing testimony, including from chapter members; and/or sending a comment letter signed by chapter President Yorik Stevens-Wajda. The positions, testimony, and content of letters provided to the legislators are based on our APA WA Legislative Agenda, as well as the consensus reached during weekly Zoom meetings and committee discussions.  

To date, the Legislative Committee has developed positions on the following bills. All comment letters sent on behalf of the chapter will be posted on the Chapter’s website

Tribal planning bills 

The chapter supports these bills, and a comment letter is being developed to provide to the committees assigned the bills.

HB 1717 - Concerning tribal participation in planning under the growth management act.

HB 1753 - Concerning tribal consultation regarding the use of certain funding authorized by the climate commitment act. 

Urban Growth Area expansion bills

The chapter opposes these bills, and a comment letter on HB 1627 is in the process of being signed by chapter President Yorik Stevens-Wajda to provide to Representative Gerry Pollet, Chair of the House Committee on Local Government.  

HB 1627 - Making it possible for more properties to have access to water, storm drains, and sanitary sewage systems.

SB 5593 - Concerning urban growth area boundaries. 

Middle Housing bills

Joe Tovar will testify in favor of these bills on behalf of the chapter during the legislative hearings being held this week.  

HB 1782/SB 5670 companion bills - Creating additional middle housing near transit and in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing. 

Accessory Dwelling Unit expansion bills

The chapter generally supports expansion of accessory dwelling units as another way to meet housing needs. A letter addressing HB 1660 is being sent to Representative Gerry Pollet, Chair of the House Committee on Local Government with a recommendation to remove owner-occupancy requirements (unless the ADU is being offered as a short-term rental).  

HB 1660 - Concerning accessory dwelling units.

HB 1841 - Incentivizing rental of accessory dwelling units to low-income households.

SB 5648 - Concerning accessory dwelling units. 

Climate and comprehensive planning consistency

The chapter supports this bill and has provided a support letter to Senator Reuven Carlyle, Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment, Energy and Technology, and we recommend requiring climate resiliency plans to be consistent with local and regional GMA and related plans.  

SB 5626 - Adding a climate resilience element to water system plans. 

If you are interested in participating in advocacy and influencing the legislative process, contact the Legislative Committee at [email protected]

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