Embedding Equity into the Community Engagement Cycle

Session 5D | Thursday | 9:00 – 10:15 AM PT

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About the Session

Triangle Associates, a neutral third-party facilitation and community engagement firm, will lead participants through an interactive workshop on embedding equity and inclusion throughout the five stages of the "Community Engagement Cycle." Participants will hear examples of equitable engagement for each stage of the cycle from clean energy planning and environmental clean-up projects before participating in breakout groups that will focus on each of the five stages. In those groups, participants can discuss and problem-solve community engagement related to their projects. At the end of this workshop participants should have a better understanding of the community engagement cycle, how to implement an equity-forward approach in their outreach, and concrete examples of operationalizing equity to gather community feedback.

About the Moderator

Riham Hashi MPP
Triangle Associates

Riham Hashi is Triangle's Community Engagement Manager. Riham is experienced in program management, policy development and community engagement. Riham holds a master's in Public Policy, where she took various courses on qualitative research methods and conducted research on important topics ranging from education and healthcare to economic equity and social inequality. This helped Riham gain specific insights on important policy implications. She has passion for sustainable development and systems change, starting her career working in community development and community capacity building in Kenya and Panama, as well as policy research for a U.S. Senator. With a substantial background in community engagement, Riham specializes in systems change in historically marginalized communities, advocating for equity, authentic community engagement, and community autonomy.

About the Speakers

Lucila Gambino 
Triangle Associates

Lucila Gambino brings over six years of experience in facilitation and community engagement. She has cultivated her passions for social justice work, leadership development, and equitable design through the avenues of group facilitation, outdoor education, and community engagement. Lucila deeply values relationship-building and celebrating intersecting identities.As a member of the facilitation and public involvement team, Lucila works with rural, urban, and environmental justice communities and local, state, Tribal, and federal governments to support a broad range of multi-party groups. Her work includes designing and facilitating meetings for large public forums and technical committees as well as equitable outreach and community involvement. Lucila is known for seeding equitable and inclusive spaces through her strengths in community building and curriculum design. She has an innate strength to integrate and center storytelling to empower people to have a voice in controversial processes.

Claire Wendle
Triangle Associates

Claire Wendle has three years of experience in community engagement and outreach. As a member of the Facilitation and Public Involvement team, Claire provides wide-ranging support with a focus on transportation, energy, and built environment projects. She is passionate about involving communities in sustainable decision-making and policy work. Claire has experience engaging stakeholders and gathering input on projects that will have long-term community impacts. She achieves this through clear and effective written and visual communications and building relationships with communities. She works with agency and technical staff, community members, and elected officials to coordinate meetings, organize and share clear information, and helps develop decision-making processes. She is passionate about making complex information and processes clear and accessible for equitable and robust participation from all parties. Claire completed a B.A. in Environment, Economics, and Politics with a focus on the intersection of policymaking and stakeholder engagement.

Annalise Ritter M.A.Ed
Triangle Associates

Annalise Ritter supports both natural resources and urban planning projects as a member of Triangle's facilitation and public involvement team. She brings her artistic and creative background to the world of environmental public policy, using visual facilitation and communication skills to deepen and diversify dialogues about environmental health. She also brings experience from the non-profit sector in coordinating public events and designing educational programs around urban environmental issues. Annalise regularly produces presentations, reports, and summaries that communicate complex technical information in a succinct and comprehensible manner for the intended audience. She has also provided high-quality graphics and interactive materials to facilitate engagement among various groups, such as agricultural and conservation experts, stakeholders of urban environmental cleanup efforts, forest policy professionals, and collaborators in salmon recovery. She has supported efforts such as the King County Metro Mobility Equity Cabinet, a social and environmental justice advisory group, and the Lower Duwamish Waterway Superfund process, for which she coordinates multilingual community meetings. Annalise holds an M.A.Ed. in Urban Environmental Education from Antioch University Seattle and IslandWood, as well as a self-designed B.A. in Creative Education for Sustainability from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Annalise completed graphic facilitation trainings at the Grove Consultants International and Visualizing Change in San Francisco and Oakland, CA, respectively. Locally, she completed the City of Seattle's People's Academy of Community Engagement (PACE) program.

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