We Bought a Mall: Planning for Equity in the Heights District

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Wednesday | 3:45 - 5:15 PM

About the Workshop

In its heyday, the Tower Mall was the most beloved shopping center in Clark County. Built in 1970, the mall was touted as an innovative experience and the region’s first enclosed air-conditioned shopping center, anchored by a major grocer and famed retailers such as Cecil’s Barber Shop and the old-fashioned steakhouse and cocktail lounge, Diamond Jim’s. Although the mall is no longer, the memories still live in the hearts of many in Clark County. The city purchased the mall to continue the legacy of innovation of neighborhood center design and to realize a bold vision of building a world-class equitable development. The vision of the Tower Mall Redevelopment Area is to create a vibrant, connected neighborhood center, which seeks to promote community in an inclusive respectful, and equitable manner.

The Mobile Workshop will be hosted by the City of Vancouver, First Forty Feet, and ECONorthwest on the site where the Tower Mall once stood. Clark County Public Transit will provide transportation to and from the Tower Mall Redevelopment Area where the design team will walk attendees through a giant street mural of the Heights District Master Plan and highlight critical aspects of the equitable development approach, including discussion topics around Retail, Parks, and Open Spaces (Devine Road, Civic Plaza, Neighborhood Park), Transit and Multimodal Access (BRT, Bike Culture, and Street Designs), Public Art and Place Strategy (The Grand Loop), and Equitable Strategies for anti-displacement and economic development.

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