Vancouver’s Safe Stay Communities

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Thursday | 1:00 – 2:45 PM PT

About the Workshop

Virtually every community in the Pacific Northwest is struggling to address homelessness. This tour will highlight Vancouver’s approach to creating safe, low-cost temporary housing for unhoused individuals at one of three planned “Safe Stay” Communities and a “Safe Park” facility. Each Safe Stay community has 20 shed-like units that provide shelter for up to 40 individuals and is managed 24/7 by a peer-led service provider.

Join the lead coordinator of the City’s Homeless Assistance and Resource Team (HART) and the Policy and Program Manager for the City of Vancouver to learn how the city was able to achieve remarkable success with these initial facilities in a relatively short period of time.

About the Tour Leads

Aaron Lande
Policy and Program Manager, City of Vancouver

Jamie Spinelli
Homeless Outreach Coordinator, City of Vancouver

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