2017 Urban Studies Forum: Assessing the South Sound's Prospects as a Welcoming Region

Panel I: Immigrant contribution to urban revitalization
This panel focuses on national and regional experiences in immigrant rich areas, primarily on the contributions of immigrants to revitalizing neighborhoods, improving local economies, and enriching the cultural ecology of their adopted homes. We will also look at their collective contribution to the growth of labor, both in professional and service sectors.  Panelists will discuss the experiences of various cities around the country, including the Pacific Northwest. 

Panel II: What constitutes a welcoming region?
Welcoming cities are those that embrace immigrants and create an inclusive environment that provides opportunities for everyone. This panel will focus on the necessity for and growth of welcoming cities and regions in the U.S., particularly in the South Sound, highlighting some of the more interesting locally-created policies that positively shape immigrants’ experience. Relying on national and regional experts, we will highlight efforts in various cities around the nation and ask whether the South Puget Sound can be considered a welcoming region. We will also entertain ideas about additional measures that might contribute to our status as a welcoming region. 

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For more information, contact Ali Modarres, Ph.D., Director & Professor, Urban Studies at (253) 692-5706.

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