AICP/Certificate Maintenance News

AICP Exam Preparation Session – Coming SOON!

Planning to take the AICP Exam in 2016? You should consider attending the Chapter’s annual AICP Exam Prep Study Session that will be offered in late March/early April at South Seattle Community College, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Once details are finalized, online registration will be available on the Chapter website (if you applied to take the May exam, you will be notified automatically). The Chapter offers only one prep class a year.  

CM Reporting Deadline Grace Period – April 30, 2016

Did you miss the 2014–2015 CM reporting deadline? You have until April 30 to make amends. If you need ideas on how to pick up those last credits, see what options are available on our website. If you have CM credits and need to submit them, do so online

New AICP Members in Washington!

Congratulations to the eleven Washington APA Chapter members who passed the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) exam this past November! Be sure to recognize them on this professional and personal achievement!

Adam Amrhein, AICP

Sean Anderson, AICP

Rebecca Brown, AICP

Doug Cox, AICP

Andrea Flower, AICP

Aaron Gooze, AICP

Kristy Hollinger, AICP

Andrew Lofstedt, AICP

Douglas McIntyre, AICP

Stacie Pratschner, AICP

Angela San Filippo, AICP

Michelle Swanson, AICP

John Vander Sluis, AICP

Elliot Weiss, AICP

And congratulations to Kim Selby, AICP CUD, who passed the AICP Advanced Specialty Certificate exam in Urban Design.

APA Revises Certificate Maintenance Process

In an effort to streamline the submittal process for AICP continuing education providers, APA recently upgraded their online Certification Maintenance data collection system. In addition to reducing the information that providers need to collect to submit training for CM credits, the upgrade also institutes a national speaker database that all providers can access.

With the new system, APA now requires that providers submit a “Training Plan” identifying goals for the group’s educational program. In addition, providers are now required to maintain a greater level of record-keeping for training events (e.g., names of attendees, training event evaluations) than previously required. To support the development of the speaker database, APA and non-APA speakers will be asked to provide biographical information for the APA CM training website.

As with any new program update, there are bugs that need to be worked out. In addition, APA members have reported problems logging their training credits.  The Washington Chapter is working with APA National to identify solutions to these problems. 

AICP/CM Questions?

Please contact Chapter Professional Development Officer, Nancy Eklund, AICP.

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