Proposed New APA Division Would Focus on Hazard Mitigation

An interest group is looking to form an official APA Division to focus on Hazard Mitigation and Disaster Recovery (HMDR).  

This group already has quite a following, and many of their participants have been very active in many of the community level disaster recovery efforts over the last decade.  The long-term agenda is about building the knowledge base for mitigation and recovery activities. 

These tasks are interdisciplinary and transcend the profession of urban and regional planning. The collective knowledge and discourse on these subjects overlaps with resiliency, sustainability, green infrastructure, healthy communities, social cohesion, and neighborhood viability.  

For more information, visit the interest group website.  

Related:  APA has also just released the updated Model Disaster Recovery Ordinance on the APA website.

This update is a prelude to the very soon to be released and anticipated update to the 1998 recovery post-disaster “green book” by APA, which was officially titled Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery and Reconstruction (PAS 483/484).  The new Planners Advisory Service Report titled Planning for Post-Disaster Recovery: Next Generation will address the NDRF, new examples, and new lessons.