APA Washington Partners on New Short Course For Local Planning and Other Resources

This year, APA Washington, the Washington State Department of Commerce, and the Planning Association of Washington formalized their partnership for developing and disseminating the Short Course for Local Planning with the goal of strengthening support for planning through citizen education.  This expanded partnership will add value by leveraging our collective strengths and resources. 

“This newly expanded Short Course partnership sends a united message that planning works in Washington, and that successful communities don’t happen by accident,” said Joe Tovar, APA Washington’s lead for the course. 

The first Short Course under this new partnership occurred at APA Washington’s annual meeting in Spokane on Oct.15. Its content included an overview of the Growth Management Act, the role of citizen planners in the comprehensive planning process, a survey of resources available to citizen planners, and a roundtable where participants shared ideas and problems and developed solutions. Tovar, Anne Fritzel of the Department of Commerce, and Chris Branch of the Planning Association of Washington led the course. Attendance exceeded expectations, with more than 80 citizens and practicing planners. 

Additional courses for 2015 are currently being scheduled.                                                         

Video library supplements training sessions

In addition to the in-person training, the three organizations have partnered with the Association of Washington Cities to produce a series of 10-minute videos that cover all the topics in the Short Course on Local Planning.  These videos are intended to provide basic short course information on demand, rather than waiting for an in-person short course to be held locally.

The first videos in the 10-part series will be ready this fall and available the Short Course website. Special topic short course videos on urban forestry, economic development, sustainable development, and infill development for small cities are already available on the website.