Update from the University of Washington MUP Program

Samara Ressler | University of Washington Student Rep

Both new and returning UW students are excited for the beginning of the school year starting September 29. Returning students have been busy this summer with numerous internships, fellowships, and research projects.

UW MUP students are looking forward for classes to start at the end of the month. Returning students are excited for in person classes, with all the appropriate safety measures, and new students get their introduction to the UW campus. Returning students have been busy this summer with internships, fellowships, and research projects. Many students have interned at various local and out of state jurisdictions including Seattle, Kirkland, Issaquah, and San Francisco. Other students are working at consulting firms, and many are working on various research projects with professors and at other UW related offices and departments.

Markus Johnson of the 2nd year cohort is a fellow at the ARC (Applied Research Consortium) fellowship program. The fellowship is run through the College of Built Environments and Markus is a research fellow working with NBBJ, a local architecture firm, on the topic of how to encourage movement through design. Tyler Quinn-Smith, also a second-year student, is working with BHC Consultants this summer on a land use code update for the City of Issaquah, which he hopes to fold into his coursework this year. As the Planning Student Association co-presidents, Markus and Tyler are also working on orientation and fall quarter activities to welcome new and returning students to the new academic year.

Sarah Lukins, getting her concurrent degree in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture, is the Teacher’s Assistant for an abroad trip to Copenhagen. The trip will travel to Copenhagen and a couple of other Port cities in Denmark and Sweden to study urban design. The focus is on redeveloped Port Districts that will inform a studio project later in the year – a rethinking of Bellingham's historical port.