The 2018 APA-WA Election Results Are In!

By Nikole Coleman, AICP, Nominations Committee Chair

The Washington Chapter recently held an election for the President-Elect position, as well as for open positions for several Sections (Northwest, Columbia, Inland Empire, Southwest, and Puget Sound). The Chapter used National APA’s consolidated voting process, with the final results having been tallied and certified in early September. Without further ado, here are the election results:

APA-WA Chapter

I am happy to report that Nancy Eklund, AICP has been elected the Chapter’s President-Elect. Nancy will serve one year in that position, two years as President, and the fourth year as Immediate Past President. I want to thank Joyce Phillips and Yorik Stevens-Wajda for agreeing to run for the President-Elect position. We were lucky to have three very qualified candidates for this important position.


The Sections’ election results are as follows:

  • Northwest: Meredith Penny as President-Elect; Nora Pederson as Vice President; and Brandon Black as Treasurer.
  • Columbia: Amanda Smeller as President-Elect; Ardele Steele as Vice President; Matt Parsons as Secretary; and Matt Parsons as Chelan County Rep.
  • Inland Empire: Mary May as President; Shauna Harshman as Vice President; Nathan Gwinn as Secretary; and Benjamin Serr as Treasurer. In addition, the following were elected as At-Large Board Members—Sabrina Marshall, Donna DeBit; Robert Brock, April Gunderson; and Daniel Clark.
  • Puget Sound: Brandon Gonzalez as President-Elect; Karl Almgren as Secretary; and Jae Hill as Treasurer; and Anthony Avery as King County Representative.
  • Southwest: Judith Perez as President-Elect.

A big round of applause is due to everyone who ran for office this year. I also want to thank the Chapter’s Nominations Committee (Steve Butler, Dave Anderson, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Al Torrico, Christina Barone) who assisted me with the nominations and election process.

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