Join this year's conference Pub Crawl and Scavenger Hunt

The best takeaways can come from networking with your peers. When you’re in town for this year’s APA Washington conference, loosen up with some libations and start some great conversations while discovering Spokane’s locally owned restaurants and bars with great selections of northwest microbrews.

To add some adventure and excitement, your host committee has put together an engaging pub crawl and scavenger hunt after the reception. If you have the courage, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • See a boat that’s inside
  • Count pennies
  • Eat a week’s worth of calories in a single meal
  • Learn about prohibition
  • Win awesome Spokane swag

In your check-in packet you’ll find a map of some of our favorite places within walking distance of the conference, and the directions to experience everything mentioned above and much more. We’re calling it the Way of the Marmot, so keep your eye out for our furry little friend and join us for a fun filled night with friends and colleagues.

Get a sneak peek here.


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