Short Course on Local Planning seeks speakers.

The Short Course is held about 20 times a year, all around the state, at the request of local governments. Presenters are Commerce staff, volunteer attorneys, and a planner providing a 30-minute overview "Roles and Responsibilities" in planning, featuring successes, horror stories, or other advice a new commissioner should know. These speakers are typically from outside the county where the course is being held and have a lot of experience working with planning commissions under the Growth Management Act.

Commerce is seeking more volunteer speakers for the "Roles and Responsibilities" segment. Commerce can provide a slide template for you to customize and videos where you can watch how others give the presentation. At present, we are seeking speakers for fall courses in Anacortes (9-25-18), Wenatchee (10-23-18), Cle Elum (11-07-18), and Spokane (10-02-18). Short Courses are usually held in the evening (6:15 - 9:15). The gig is on a volunteer basis, but if needed, Commerce can provide travel reimbursement. It is also pretty fun, and a rewarding way to teach about the planning profession. 

Please contact:

Email Anne Fritzel or call at 360.752.3064 if you would like to volunteer. See our webpage for more information about the course.

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