Green Mountain PRD and Master Plan

By Olson Engineering, Inc. 

The Green Mountain Planned Residential Development is a 283-acre, multi-phased, mixed-use master plan with an array of compatible residential and commercial uses. The Green Mountain neighborhood will contain a variety of residential forms, lot sizes, and densities that will include both single-family and multi-family components. The project will ultimately include the construction of up to 1,300 single-family and multi-family homes, common open spaces, parks, trails, and 8.8-acres of commercial development.

The project is located approximately five miles northwest of downtown Camas, WA. The property contains varied topography ranging from the steep slopes of Green Mountain in the north portion of the property to the relatively flat areas in the southern portion.

The residential and commercial portions of the project have been thoughtfully designed to take advantage of and protect the critical areas on the property. Many of the areas proposed for development are functionally integrated with or oriented around the site’s natural areas, proposed parks, and trails. The Urban Village component of the project will have a dense and vibrant mix of commercial and multi-family uses that are located along a portion of the central park and other natural open space areas. A large community park and open space area has been centrally located on the property such that it can be easily accessed from all corners of the project through the project’s trail network, including much of the project’s denser residential areas. This area will serve as a central community gathering place and frame the expansive natural feel of the project as you continue past the site’s main entrance. Approximately 110-acres of the north portion of the site will become a City of Camas regional park.

The most intense use of the site will occur in the mixed-use Urban Village located on the southern portion of the site; with the density of development generally decreasing as development moves east and north. This will serve to frame and preserve the central natural feature of the site – Green Mountain and its steeper slopes by reducing the intensity of development on the steeper areas of the site and locating more intense development on the flatter previously developed portions of the site.

Olson Engineering, Inc. is providing the Land Use Planning, Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Project Management for this exceptional Master Plan development.