AICP/Certificate Maintenance News

Nancy Eklund, AICP, WA-APA Professional Development Officer
[email protected] / 206/495-1443

AICP EXAM – Study Prep Course

A class of 25 aspiring AICP Chapter members attended the annual AICP Exam Prep session, held in mid-April in West Seattle.  

Many thanks to the excellent speakers who led the class modules:

  • Matthew Stafford, AICP
  • John Doan, AICP
  • Aaron Gooze, AICP
  • Tom Rogers, AICP
  • Tim Trohimovich, AICP
  • Kevin O’Neill, AICP, and
  • Nancy Eklund, AICP

Also, thanks to the two generous donors who supported the event: 


The CM Grace Period has Passed!

If you are one of the unlucky few who get an email from APA saying that you missed the AICP Grace Period deadline – OUCH!  Sorry.  It may be slightly painful, but it is still possible to redeem your AICP credential.  You will need to catch up on your CM credits, if you haven’t already (check out the Chapter’s continuing education calendar for training).  There are some other requirements, as well, but it’s like a speeding ticket – pay the fine and get it behind you!  You DON’T want to take the exam again!!  For more information on getting your AICP credential reinstated, click here

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