Team Chosen to Create a Graphic Novel about Planning in Washington

By Gwen Rousseau, AICP, co-Chair of the Youth in Planning Taskforce

The Youth in Planning Taskforce recently selected the team of Gabrielle Lyon, Devin Mawdsley and Kayce Bayer, the creators of No Small Plans, to produce a graphic novel about planning in Washington state featuring youth as change agents in their communities.

Shane Hope, who initially brought the idea to the Youth in Planning Taskforce, writes, “we are super excited to be working with this team. They have a proven track record of delivering strong stories and profound art that catalyze conversations about how planning works and why community involvement matters.” In addition to having experience producing engaging stories, team members are educators who are dedicated to helping youth realize their full potential as active and engaged members of their communities. With the legislature’s mandate requiring a one-half credit stand-alone course in civics beginning with the 2020-21 school year, this novel could prove to be an inspiring tool for learning how local decisions get made, while raising youth awareness of the importance of their voice in forming the future of their local communities.

Look for our Kickstarter campaign in May to help fund the project. We’ll keep you posted.

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