Planning Technician

Employer: Yakima County
Job Title: Planning Technician
Job Type: Planning
Location: Yakima, WA
Opening Date: 07/16/2019
Closing Date: 07/30/2019
Salary: $19.65 per hour, plus benefits

Job Description: 

There is one opening with the Yakima County Public Services Department – Planning Division. This position functions as primary point of contact for public assistance and intake of applications; prepares Type 1 and 2 zoning decisions and boundary line adjustments for approval by the Administrative Official; monitors conditions for deadlines and provides notices of expiration as per Title 16B; provides technical support to the Multi-Disciplinary Team process related to subdivision, zoning, long range and environmental projects/cases and Planning Division special projects as assigned. Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in Planning, Natural Resource Management, Geography, Environmental Sciences or related field. Required: Valid WA State driver’s license and proof of insurance or the ability to obtain. Preferred: Paid or Unpaid experience or training that is related to planning, code compliance, customer service in a governmental office.

Job Duties:

  • Development Project Review: 
    • Interprets codes and makes preliminary determinations as to the type of zoning, subdivision, or environmental for project permit application review is required;
    • Informs customers, county staff, and other agencies of county requirements regarding project permits and notifies applicants of any outstanding fees;
    • Reviews and intakes applications, documents and site plans for completeness, accuracy and technical compliance with submittal criteria requirements and/or refers the compliance and technical review to appropriate Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) staff;
    • Prepares decisions for assigned Type 1 and 2 subdivision, zoning, or environmental project permit reviews;
    • Refers project permit issuance decisions or questions outside delegated responsibility to appropriate approving authority;
    • Provides assistance and issues research;
    • prepares documents, resolutions based on that research and advises planning staff and management.
  • Project Permit Review and Coordination: 
    • Ensures that all appropriate project conditions are entered into integrated permit management system (IPMS) after decision has been issued.
    • Receives conditions compliance materials from applicants and determines that all conditions have been met and conforms to applicable standards.
    • Monitors conditions for technical compliance with requirements, deadlines and provides notices of pending and final project permit expiration.
    • Coordinates with the planners, management and customers for compliance issues and deadlines.
    • Determines that all identified project requirements have been addressed.
    • Tracks application and project permit time-lines concerning permit expiration and assures project close-out activities are completed in a timely manner.
  • Project Permit Record, File and Data Management: 
    • Compiles and scans written materials into the electronic project record;
    • Creates and organizes the physical files; generates maps and notices.
    • Ensures that active project files are appropriately maintained in the data base as the official record of issues, decisions, contacts, project assumptions, schedules, and fees over the life of the project.
    • Maintains planning history data base and assists or coordinates with GIS Department link with planning data base.
    • Develops and maintains Planning Division forms and web presence.
    • Prepares project permits, covenants and deeds as needed for recording; organizes project files at close out and provides to Records Management.
    • Ensures that only original documents and records remain in the file at close-out.
    • Prepares periodic reports, white papers, project and legislative decisions or statistical information as directed by Management.
  • External and Internal Customer Assistance: 
    • Responds to requests for information.
    • Explains code applicability and informs the public of land use and property location requirements.
    • Refers policy decisions and/or official code interpretations to the Administrative Official or other appropriate decision making authority.
    • Represents the Planning Division and provides support to Multi-Disciplinary Team process related to subdivision, zoning and environmental projects or cases and special projects as assigned.
    • This position may be assigned Long Range tasks, work with the Planning Commission, and occasionally attend night time meetings or hearings.
    • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree in Planning, Natural Resource Management, Geography, Environmental Sciences or related field.
  • Required: Valid WA State driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • Preferred: Paid or Unpaid experience or training that is related to planning, code compliance, customer service in a governmental office.
  • Knowledge: 
    • Fundamental concepts of land development regulations;
    • Terminology used in processing development projects;
    • Development review processes;
    • Customer service techniques;
    • Team building concepts;
    • and Fundamental mathematics.
  • Skills and Abilities:
    • Using a personal computer and related software applications, and operating basic office equipment; 
    • Reading and interpreting construction drawings, site plans, maps, aerial photos, legal descriptions, and recorded documents;
    • Understanding deadlines and balancing work priorities;
    • Preparing legal and other staff reports, documents descriptions and decisions;
    • Maintaining files and records;  
    • Understanding, following, and applying County and department policies and procedures;
    • Solving problems, resolving conflict and building teams;
    • Facilitating meetings;
    • Researching legal issues, interpreting and applying laws, codes, ordinances, and regulations;
    • Establishing and maintaining effective interpersonal relationships with County and other officials, at all organizational levels and with the public;  
    • Ability to clearly speak, write and graphically illustrate in order to convey general and technical information;
    • and Ability to give and receive direction;
    • Researching permit records and verifying permit approvals for recording  documents;
    • and Ability to make mathematical calculations to determine area, volume, averaging, statistical calculations and population projections.

How to Apply:
Apply online at by 11:59 pm, July 30, 2019. 

For information, contact Yakima County Human Resources Department at 509-574-2210.