Showcase Your Community!

The Climate Change Working Group of the Ten Big Ideas Initiative is developing a series of Discussion Briefs on topics related to climate change. This will be an update to the Sustainable Washington document, already posted on the APA website.

We would like to include case studies and project examples from communities all over Washington state who are taking action to prepare for climate change.


Here's the list of topics we are covering:


  1. Vulnerability Assessments
  2. Integrating Climate Change into Plans and Policies
  3. Preparing a Climate Action Plan
  4. Reducing Energy Demand and Supporting Alternative Energy
  5. Managing and Minimizing Solid Waste
  6. Creating Compact Communities
  7. Enhancing Mobility
  8. Climate Change Impacts on Ecosystem Health and Ecosystem Services
  9. Encouraging Green Building Practices
  10. Climate Effects and Fairness
  11. Public Health
  12. Food Production and Agriculture
  13. Preparing for Extreme Weather Events
  14. Disaster Preparedness
  15. Stormwater Management
  16. Preparing for Fire Hazards
  17. Preparing for Coastal and River Flooding
  18. Preparing for Sea Level Rise

If your city is taking action on any of these areas, we would like to hear from you. Our members will work with you to write your story to be included in one or more of these Discussion Briefs. Contact: Jill Sterrett at [email protected].

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